2016 Visit: Benchmark Intelligence

For the first of today’s two visits, we sat down with the team at software startup Benchmark Intelligence. Benchmark helps restaurant and retail chains assess customer feedback across multiple locations at the same time.16Jun29-A-135



Benchmark is a young company who is just taking on venture funding. But their founders have had a surprisingly large set of experiences in software and startup companies.

Benchmark’s CEO, Eric Santos, shared about the process and strategy of sales and company funding. The CTO, Ken Koontz, talked about his career path, and told the story of Benchmark’s founding. The Chief Product Officer, Brandon Reid, shared how he’s acquired his varied skillset, and talked about the company’s evolution through several startup accelerators. The trio wrapped up by sharing details about the product, how their technology stack works, which partnerships they have fostered (and how), and how they plan to grow the company in the future.

Thanks, Benchmark, for a great visit!

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