2016 Visit: Cru Winery


For day two, ePathway Academy had the privilege of visiting Cru Winery. The winemaker, Ken Post, made for a very gracious and wise host. Ken’s very quotable presentation included a tour of the winemaking spaces, an overview of the process of enology, and a great in-depth view of the marketing and sales end of the wine business. After explaining the complexities of the high art of winemaking, Ken followed up by saying, “Making the stuff is easy. Selling it is the hard part!” It was a real honor to learn about winemaking from a master craftsman.

Ken shared how sales work in the wine industry, how different sales channels function and how they mix strategically to make an overall sales strategy, how target marketing works, the strategies Cru employs to maintain closeness to its customers, and how to craft a customer experience. The ePathway Academy students discussed marketing to millennials, and Ken shared some of the trends he sees in the present and on the horizon for the wine business.

Thanks, Ken Post and Cru Winery, for a great company visit!

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