2016 Visit: FocusVision

Today we were lucky enough to visit FocusVision, previously known as Decipher. FocusVision is an international leader in market research, with deep expertise in both quantitative and qualitative customer feedback and data. From offices in six countries, FocusVision is able to serve customers like Visa, Eli Lilly, GM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Chase, eBay, and more to deliver customer surveys, analytics, usability testing, and other services.


FocusVision CEO Jamin Brazil talked with students about the nature of entrepreneurship, today’s technology environment, and how to develop audiences using social media.

Jayme Plunkett, Chief Technology Officer, gave students a tour of FocusVision’s Fresno office. He talked about how survey programmers and account managers work together and showed us the different work areas of the company, along with their functions.

After a pizza lunch (great food for programmers and high school students alike!), Jamin Brazil lead students in a collaboration/innovation exercise and shared wisdom about careers and life.

Thank you to FocusVision for an eye-opening visit and a great introduction to the tech industry!

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