2016 Visit: MEC Aerial Work Platforms

Today was our first visit! We were privileged to visit MEC Aerial Work Platforms. They’re a designer and manufacturer of many sizes of elevated work platforms for construction. If you need to get into the air to work on or build something, MEC has the tech to make it happen.


CEO David White, Sales Director Jack Harwood, and Marketing/Strategy guru Deanne Hix, Engineer Gary Crook, VP of Finance Frank Shanahan took us behind the scenes. They shared hard-won insider wisdom about their industry, the key roles in making a manufacturing operation happen, how maker pressures change competition, how ERP systems work, the labor considerations that drive decision-making, how (and why) companies find their place in the market, and more.

the ePathway Academy students were impressed with the passion of the team and the complexity of the operation. Thank you to MEC for a great visit!







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