2016 Visit: Sebastian Corp

Today, we were lucky to visit with CEO Bill Barcus and his management team at Sebastian Corp. Sebastian is a 70-year-old business started by Mr. Barcus’s grandparents, Bill and Katey Sebastian.


Bill Barcus shared the history of Sebastian, which started with a scrappy, risky move by his grandparents (Bill and Katey Sebastian) to buy a small rural telephone company. Through hard work and diligence, the Sebastian family was able to grow the business and prove the power of the American dream. Bill and Katey Sebastian exemplify the advice Bill Barcus shared with students: “It’s not just what you do, but it’s why and how you do it.”

Brandon Dukes, head of business development, shared how the company has evolved beyond telephone service in the past 20 years to include electrical contracting, low-voltage wiring, and underground construction.

Rhonda Armstrong, who started with the company 44 years ago and is now VP of administrative services, shared how the company has evolved and how she has grown into different roles throughout her career.

Courtney Madding, from Sebastian’s HR department, talked about Sebastian’s approach to the challenges of finding and retaining human talent, and how that challenge shifts with seasons and changing workloads.

The visit finished with a tour by Tom Dominico (Tech Director for Sebastian) of the phone systems for Kerman telephone.

Thanks to Sebastian for a great visit!

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